Dimitris Skordas is an Athens based photographer with international availability.

Born and raised in Boras, Sweden.

Father of two wonderful daughters. World Traveller, Coffee Lover, Proudly ex-smoker, Maniac Progressive House music listener, BBQ lover, Detail Maniac.

Graduated in Photography and Graphic Design.

Working for several years in in Greece’s most well known publishing houses as Αrt Director, Production Manager and Photo Editor.

Some well known magazine i worked with is National Geographic, Photographos, Hitech, Ram, Moto, Villas and Apartments.

I dedicate myself to photography professionally since 2010 in my own studio photography. 

I discovered that what really fascinated me was transmitting emotions with my images.

My field is portraits, fashion and commercial photography.

Merit awarded with best images of Greece 2017 and 2018.

Dimitris achieves his signature visual style by completing most of the working stages by himrself - from pre-production, the shoot, to post-production and retouching.

That’s why i give great importance to everything related to the editing and color of my photographs. Highly skills in editing and color management.

He is fully proficient with both indoor/studio and outdoor working environments.

His studio is located in Peristeri, Attica